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You have option like: The world's leading domain marketplace Flippa 1 for Buying and Selling Websites, Domains, and Apps godaddy auction ping me personally. Answered Oct 27, Hey there, As a domain name registrar, Dynadot also has a Domain Marketplace for anyone interested in buying, selling or biding on currently registered domains!

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Answered Nov 9, Good luck. Do you think emails are valuable for your business?

10 Top Domain Name Auction Sites

We think so too. Privy makes it simple to easily grow your business and list. Over K owners use Privy. Answered May 13, Answered Dec 1, Related Questions Is a domain selling auction house a good place to sell a domain fast? What is domain auction and how it works? You may be able negotiate a reasonable price. Site diverts to another site full of ads.

Check the Alexa rank. Contact the owner to negotiate a sale.

27 Free Places to List Your Domains For Sale

Selling Domains at Auction Choose a domain auction marketplace. You can use the same ones you would use to buy a domain. Price your domain with a valuation tool. Premium domains will come at a higher price tag.

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Older domains are generally worth more Domains with traffic are generally worth more. Domains that already earning money have more value. Pitch your buyers. In your sales listing include: Traffic volume Income earnings Age and expiration date Use Escrow.

Transfer the domain to the buyer. Every domain registrar has their own process for this. If you need help, contact the registrar that holds your domain. Sources Small Business Forum — web. The Pitfalls of Domain Development. Latest News Domain Inquiry Analysis: Researching Offers to Maximize Domain Sales Combining domain parking with domain inquiries is the ultimate combination Posted September 10, 4. Posted August 4, 3. Posted September 16, Posted September 9, Posted August 29, 9.

Bido reselling process will offer investors more than just monetary benefits from their efforts and by contributing to communal facets. Since clients bid for the domain of their choice, the reselling value with Bido is also way higher than other domain reselling platforms.

Sellers are notified whenever an agreement is reached with a customer and also takes you through an interactive and intuitive payment process. GoDaddy is among the most popular domain marketplaces. The reselling process takes several forms, ranging from 7-day auctions to premium domain name listing.

Consequently, you can always find a better and more profitable way of listing your domain investments. The marketplace is based on the principle of adaptability and that has been the reason for its popularity with both sellers and buyers.

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Among all domain auction sites, GoDaddy Premium Listing feature in the top ranks. Pool com is one of the newest additions to the domain reselling marketplace that has been making quite a mark among investors. With a highly decorated history of reselling and its partnership with some of the premium registrars across the globe, pool com makes quite of a sense if you are looking to give maximum exposure to your investment.

A 24 x 7 support and an option for live chat make pool com an interesting platform for both buyers and sellers. Sedo is another incredible domain buying and reselling platform, offering plenty number of ways.

From daily auctions to parking pages, Sedo offers a large user base with thousands of sales happening every day. A widely renowned web com platform for aftermarket domain sales, SnapNames comes with a highly skilled team of experts and a technology that makes it a profitable partner.

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