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Украина, Европа, США. Бесплатный домен: Виртуальный хостинг, VPS-хостинг, выделенные сервера, регистрация доменов.

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США, Нидерланды, Индия. Виртуальный хостинг, VPS-хостинг, выделенные сервера, регистрация доменов, ресселинг, SSl сертификаты. Украина Россия Европа Добавить. King Servers. At the same time, the price policy was absolutely acceptable without far-fetched non-sense such as "this is outside Kyiv so it will cost more", which was common among other providers at the time.

We are extremely happy with our ongoing cooperation. I would also like to note the shortest possible response time to incidents and a minimum of bureaucracy in resolving issues, which is crucial in ensuring high availability of IT services for businesses.

Protect your business by moving your confidential information to a cloud in Europe, where it will be protected by European legislation.

The offer is valid until May 31, Make a request. Thank you! Your application will be processed prinyatai soon. What is a cloud in Europe. The cloud consists of numerous physical servers combined into a single unit The physical servers on which the cloud is built are located in a European data center and fall under the jurisdiction of the local laws, which excludes the possibility of influencing their work from the outside.

Problems solved by a cloud in Europe Moving 1C abroad Allocating 1C and other accounting software abroad, you ensure reliable protection of confidential information from its withdrawal the databases are physically non-existent in Ukraine, thus their leaking and withdrawal is impossible.

Duplicate hardware abroad Regardless of technical failures, emergency stops and other factors, the backup server will save the data and take on the full load for the period of the main system recovery. Moving backup copy abroad Backups allocated abroad will enable the creation of a reliable infrastructure for sustainable business in the event of critical information loss. Resource hosting No censorship along with a civilized legal environment allows for hosting various resources, with problematic content as well.

Benefits of a cloud in Europe for your business. Accommodate of your data outside the Ukrainian legal environment.

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Work within the limits of European liberal legislation. The perfect place for the non- compatible with Ukraine resources. Uninterrupted operation of our company is due to the housing of parallel systems on the foreign platform. Remote location of IT infrastructure from the high-risk areas sites. Safety preservation of valuable information even in the most adverse situations, the protection from false or malicious actions.

Implementation of emergency measures just-in-time.

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Protection of your business from the authorities pressure through the IT infrastructure. Effective mechanism of personal data protection. Minimum requirements for personal data logged for processing.

Guaranteed compliance with the Personal Information Protection Act.

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Server, hosted in the cloud is much cheaper than dedicated physical server. No costs for engineering maintenance. High bandwidth. Why you should trust. You get all the benefits of VDS in Europe without conducting international economic activities.

Experience and knowledge of our experts for solutions of telecommunication tasks of any complexity! All kinds of telecommunications services from a single source.

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All offered solutions are implemented solely on own technical platforms. In addition to non-cash payments, the following methods are also available: Base configurations Individual calculation Base. Solid Drive space The cloud provides full redundancy of data stored in it.

Khizhnyak Sergey.

Хостинг в Германии и аренда сервера в Германии: выделенный сервер, vps, vds, dedicated

Andrey Bilyk, IT administrator. Kachanko A. Vladimir Sosnitsky, Deputy Director General. Yurii Yaremchuk, CTO. Дистрибутивы Linux на выбор: Возможность самостоятельно и в любой момент переустановить ОС на Вашем сервере.

Изменение тарифного плана прямо "на лету" без отключения и перезагрузки. Ежедневное резервное копирование и хранение всех копий за любой день месяца. Создание бэкапа и откат в любой момент времени прямо из панели управления. Тарифные планы Cloud Server. Еженедельное резервное копирование вашего виртуального сервера. Большое дисковое пространство - до 1 Террабайт.

Отличный выбор для файлового архива или для сохранения резервных копий. Ресурсы гарантированы технологией виртуализации KVM.

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Удаленный доступ под администратором с возможностью самостоятельной установки любых программ. Удобная и быстрая организация удаленных рабочих мест. Экономичный удаленный сервер для Forex и других программ, не зависящий от офиса, с круглосуточным доступом и полным резервным копированием.

NET и. Тарифные планы VPS-Windows.