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Услуга Доверенного Лица Trustee Service поможет вам решить большинство требований локального присутствия, когда есть ограничения на регистрацию домена. The most recent source for. The "rules for dispute resolution in the Top Level Domain. Using the tools envisaged and regulated in the "Dispute Rules", Internet users have available a service to rapidly and inexpensively resolve disputes in accordance with the principles of fairness and equal accessibility to the service.

Using arbitrators appointed by each party, voluntary arbitration can reach a decision regarding the assignment of the domain name. The "Dispute Rules" also establish, within the context of the services rendered in the broader sense by the Registry, an administered domain name re-assignment procedure to which all the domain name owners registered under the ccTLD. The regulation described has no legal value and can therefore be interrupted by the parties at any moment through recourse to the ordinary justice system.

The assignee of a domain name can decide to submit to voluntary arbitration any disputes related to the assignment of that domain name pursuant to this "Dispute Regulation", acknowledging as valid and binding the decisions taken by the arbitration board. The Arbitration Board comprises three arbitrators of which two chosen by each of the parties and the third, who will act as Chairman of the Arbitration Board, chosen by the two arbitrators. The party which intends to start the arbitration procedure must appoint its arbitrator in writing sent by registered mail with notification of receipt reference templates can be found in the legal guidelines addressed to the counterparty, to the arbitrator it intends to appoint and to the Registry, indicating the name of the arbitrator chosen from those on the list as of point 2.

The party to which the invitation to appoint an arbitrator is sent must, in turn, no later than 10 ten working days following receipt of the communication as of the above point, appoint its arbitrator in the ways indicated in paragraph two of this article. Failure to do so means that the party that sent the invitation may ask that the appointment be made by the Registry; in this case the Registry will appoint the arbitrator no later than 5 five working days following the request.

The appointment is communicated to the parties by email. The arbitrators appointed in this way will appoint the Chairman of the Arbitration Board no later than 5 five working days following the appointment of the second arbitrator.

If the choice is not made within this time limit the most diligent party may ask that the Registry appoint the third Arbitrator; in this case the Registry will make the appointment no later than 5 five working days following the request, communicating the name of the chosen Chairman of the Arbitration Board to the parties by email.

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The Arbitration Board will be considered formed from the day following acceptance of the assignment by the Chairman of said Board. The arbitrators must pass down judgement no later than 90 ninety days following theestablishment of the Arbitration Board.

The Chairman of the Arbitration Board can appoint a secretary to assist the Board during the procedure and draw up the minutes of the meetings during which the parties or their representatives will be heard. The Arbitration Board is entitled to regulate the works in the way it deems fitting providing that the principles of the adversarial system are respected.

In any case it must grant the parties a time period of not less than 10 ten working days to present their defence and documents and a further period of not less than 10 ten working days for the replies and it will personally summon the parties to hear them interpartes if this is requested even by just one of the parties. The parties can be represented by another person before the Arbitration Board subject to the fact that the Arbitration Board may decide not to hear the parties personally.

The communications of the Arbitration Board to the parties, the exchange of statements and replies can be made by email unless the parties expressly request hardcopy or if it is necessary to exchange or examine original documents that cannot be transmitted by email.

Should serious reasons exist, on request of one of the parties, the Arbitration Board is entitled to take protective measures regarding the domain name assigned and object of opposition. These measures are implemented by the Registry. When an inquiry is necessary, the Arbitration Board can delegate same to just one of the arbitrators.

The Registry must provide the Arbitration Board with all the information requested. The arbitrators decide fairly, as amiable compositeurs, on the basis of these "Dispute Rules" and the standards of the Italian legal system. The Chairman of the Arbitration Board communicates the final decision to the parties and to the Registry by registered mail with notification of receipt. The decisions of the Arbitration Board are filed with the registry available to the members forming part of the list as of point 2.

The arbitration decision is made public unless otherwise requested by either party. The decisions of the Arbitration Board are enforced by the Registry no later than 5 five working days following receipt of the decision. With the decision, the arbitrators also settle their fee and that of the secretary of the Board, charging same in full or in part to the losing party.

On request even of just one of the parties, the Board can also order the losing party to refund in full or in part the costs borne for the proceedings by the winning party, determining them, if pertinent, at the discretion of the Board.

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The registered domains subject to opposition procedure in accordance with article 5. The aim of the procedure is to check the right of use or legal availability of the domain name and that the domain has not been registered and maintained in mala fide.

The outcome of the procedure can only be the re-assignment of a domain name. The choice of PSRD that will perform the re-assignment procedure is taken by the party whichstarted the opposition procedure. The costs of the procedure are borne in full by the party that started same.

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The procedure cannot be activated if the domain name opposed is already pending decision before the court of law or an arbitration decision pursuant to article of the Code of Civil Procedure; that is, the arbitration envisaged by article 0 "Arbitration". If the judgement by a court judge, compulsory arbitration in accordance with article of the Code of Civil Procedure or the arbitration as of article 0 of these "Dispute Rules" are introduced while this procedure is ongoing, same will automatically be interrupted.

The re-assignment procedure is regulated by the provisions of the "Procedure for domain name re-assignment subject to opposition procedure, general principles" and "Technical procedure for domain name re-assignment" contained in these "Dispute Rules". Verification of the existence of the requirements by the organizations that request the performance of the procedures and control of the work of these organizations is entrusted to the Registry along with the Rules Committee according to the standards contained in the "Procedure for qualifying out-of-court dispute resolution Service Providers within the context of the ccTLD.

In the case of repeated breaches of the procedural standards by a dispute resolution service provider, the Registry can exonerate it from the performance of the procedures, subject to the opinion of the Rules Committee. Domain names for which a third party called "petitioner" makes the following claims are subject to re-assignment:. If the petitioner proves the existence of conditions "a ", and "c " and the defendant does not prove in turn that he has the right to the domain name object of opposition, the latter is transferred to the petitioner.

As regards point "b " of this article, the defendant will be considered to have the right to the domain name object of opposition if he can prove that:.

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The following circumstances, if demonstrated, will be considered proof of registration and use of the domain in mala fide:. The above list merely gives some examples and is not exhaustive. The Board of experts can therefore find elements of male fide in the registration and use of the domain name also from circumstances other than those listed above.

In the case of several procedures being started for a single domain name, those started after the first one are suspended pending the outcome of the first one. If the first procedure started ends with the transfer to the petitioner of the name object of opposition, the other procedures are suspended.

A procedure can be re-proposed by the same parties for the same domain name when new facts emerge at the outcome of the decision whichjustify the commencement of a new procedure or such facts were not known during the first procedure. The Registry does not go into the merit of the procedure and is not responsible for the work of the PSRDs that manage the procedures.

Bearing in mind the provisions of article 4. If the assumptions exist and the party which began the above-stated legal procedure intends to exploit the deadline as of article three below, said party must state and justify this intention in the same communication.

The communication as of the above point must be supplemented, within the following 10 ten days, with a photocopy of the introductory deed of the regularly served judgement; failing this, the Registry re-assigns the domain name. Solely in the case where the introductory deed of the judgement has to be served in or from a foreign country, the deadline for the presentation of the photocopy of the served deed at the end of which without presentation the Registry will re-assign the domain name is 30 thirty days, starting from the date on which the Registry received the communication as of paragraph one.

In the case where the legal procedure is suspended by the party in question, the Registry enforces the decision of the Board. All individuals or corporate bodies having the requirements for registration of a domain name under ccTLD. Registry in the ways envisaged by article 9 of the "Procedure for qualifying out-of-court dispute resolution Service Providers within the context of the ccTLD.

If the chosen PSRD cannot, through impediment or other reasons, examine the complaint submitted to it, it will inform the petitioner who shall be able to submit the complaint to another PSRD of its choice. If the procedure is submitted by an entity not having the requirements for registering the domain name in the ccTLD.

To this end the PSRDs are bound to explain this condition on their websites. Once the copy of the complaint has been received by e-mail, the PSRD checks it is formally in order on the basis of these regulations.

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If the PSRD notes formal omissions or irregularities in the complaint, it immediately informs the petitioner, indicating the mistake found in the complaint. The petitioner has 6 six days to remedy the defects found. If the complaint is formally correct, the PSRD informs the Registry by e-mail that it has received it. This communication must show:.

The data contained in the procedure commencement communication, sent by the PSRD to the Registry, are considered confirmed in the absence of specific communication from the Registry within 4 four working days following said communication. The PSRD, having checked that the petitioner has paid the amount due for the procedure and having received the hard copy of the complaint and related documents, communicates the complaint to the assignee of the domain name object of opposition in the ways established in Article 4.

Notice of the complaint is sent by the PSRD to the holder of the domain name object of opposition by registered post with notification of receipt with the complaint itself and the documents attached to it by the petitioner to the address held in the DBNA by the Registry.

The complaint is considered received by the holder of the domain name object of opposition hereinafter, defendant when:. The decision as of Article 3. Notices are drawn up in the language indicated in Article 4. The parties have the right to request to receive notices from the PSRD through other means, as well as via e-mail, if they pay any extra cost set by the PSRD. Every communication the PSRD makes by email to the parties must always be sent in carbon copy to the Registry at this address: Otherwise, all notices are understood to have been sent validly to the previously known address.

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Unless otherwise provided for, all terms starting from the sending of a notice by the PSRD shall start from the first data of the notice being sent.

All notices relating to the procedure must be sent to the PSRD which will send them to the Board and the parties. The re-assignment procedure is considered to have started when the holder of the domain name object of opposition is informed of the complaint in accordance with the provisions of Article 4. The defendant can send its reply and documents to the PSRD within 25 twenty-five days of the date of the start of the procedure.

The reply and documents must be sent in duplicate hard copy. Moreover, the reply alone must be sent by e-mail to the PSRD. If the petitioner and the defendant agree in writing to an extension of the term, the PSRD is bound to allow it.

If the defendant does not send any answer, the Board will decide the dispute on the basis of the complaint alone, unless exceptional circumstances occur. Each PSRD keeps and makes available to the public over the Internet a list of names of accredited experts and their qualifications.

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If the petitioner does not request the appointment of a Board of three experts, the PSRD will appoint a one-man Board comprising one person chosen from the list of its accredited experts within 5 five days of receiving the answer. Если регистрация доменного имени изменяется в соответствии с положением Соглашения о регистрации, разрешающего изменение регистрационных данных в связи с окончанием срока действия регистрации, RAE — это юридическое или физическое лицо, определенное в качестве владельца зарегистрированного имени непосредственно перед этим изменением.

Во всех остальных случаях передачи регистраций gTLD между владельцами доменов держатель зарегистрированного имени, получающий регистрацию, является RAE. Перед окончанием срока регистрации любого gTLD регистраторы должны уведомлять держателя зарегистрированного имени об истечении срока действия регистрации не менее двух. Одно из таких уведомлений должно быть направлено приблизительно за один месяц до его окончания, а второе — приблизительно за одну неделю до окончания.

Если регистрация передается другому держателю зарегистрированного имени на основании положения соглашения об администрировании домена верхнего уровня и в связи с окончанием срока регистрации доменного имени как описано в пункте 1.

Ни одно из положений данной политики не препятствует регистраторам направлять дополнительные уведомления, при условии, что как минимум два из них направляются в установленные сроки. Если регистрация не продлена RAE или удалена регистратором, то в течение пяти дней с даты окончания срока действия регистрации регистратор должен направить RAE как минимум еще одно дополнительное уведомление об окончании срока регистрации доменного имени, включающее инструкции по продлению регистрации.

Уведомления об окончании срока регистрации доменного имени могут быть составлены на н одном или нескольких языках, но должны быть представлены на языке соглашения об администрировании домена верхнего уровня и должны быть переданы таким способом например, по электронной почтекоторый не требует подтверждения для приема информации. Для регистраций, удаленных в течение восьми дней с даты окончания срока регистрации доменного имени: Существующий путь разрешения DNS, указанный RAE, должен быть прерван регистратором с момента окончания срока действия до его удаления, в той мере, в какой такие прерывания разрешены соответствующей регистратурой.

Для регистраций, удаленных через восемь или более дней с даты окончания срока регистрации доменного имени: В течение последних как минимум восьми дней подряд после окончания срока действияв течение которых RAE может продлить регистрацию, существующий путь разрешения DNS, указанный RAE, должен быть прерван регистратором в той мере, в какой такие прерывания разрешены соответствующей регистратурой.

Если при прерывании пути разрешения DNS регистрации регистратор направляет веб-трафик, адресованный доменному имени, на веб-страницу, и при этом регистрация все еще может быть продлена RAE, такая веб-страница должна явным образом указывать, что регистрация доменного имени истекла, и предоставлять инструкции по продлению. Начиная с момента окончания срока регистрации и в течение периода прерывания разрешения DNS, описанного в пунктах 2. Регистрации, удаленные в течение льготного периода пробного использования доменного имени если применимоне подлежат RGP.

В течение период отсрочки аннулирования регистрации имени домена регистратура должна деактивировать разрешение DNS и запретить попытки передачи регистрации. Утвержденные ICANN массовые переносы и разрешенные частичные массовые переносы не подпадают под запрет попыток переноса.