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GST Provisions Simplified for Traders/ Retailers

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This video clears all the confusions about GST and answers the following questions: What is goods and service tax GST? Who is required to registered under GST? What is composition scheme?

Compulsory registration under GST? What is Input Tax Credit? What is B2B and B2C transactions? How many returns need to be filled under GST? What is invoice matching under GST? Applicability of GST for small traders and retailers? Rates of taxes under GST? Author — sreekala menon. Author — Aparna Srivastava. Author — Hanumasateesh Mynampati. Author — gayatri nair. Author — Amit Rao. Author — Santosh Kumar. Author — Anshal Garg. Author — Aniruddha. Author — Wurzlo.

Author — Aman Kumar Gupta. Author — Mahesh Kumar. Author — failure man.

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Author — Kesav Raja. Author — SK. Author — Mayank Banerjee.