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Every domain type is priced according to the costs that are passed on from the registrar together with a nominal fee that we charge to administer and manage your domain name on your behalf.

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When registering a new domain name you will typically pay a fee for the 1st year and then every year after that will be required to pay a similar fee to renew the domain. If you do not renew the domain name after the initital period then you may lose ownership of the domain name as it will be released back into the pool of available domain names.

How much should a domain name registration & email hosting cost?

For a schedule of our current domain name registration and renewal fees please follow the link below:. WebNow will send email notifications informing you of a forthcoming domain renewal as follows The registry allows a short period of time to renew at your normal registration price, but then To change your nameservers please follow this process: Login to the Customer Zone2.

See Transfer my domain to GoDaddy for details on the transfer process. See Transfer my domain away from GoDaddy for details on the transfer process for these domain names.

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Private Registration is offered for. See Transfer my domain to another GoDaddy account to start the account move process.

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See Change domain contact information for details on making these changes. One nameserver is required for.

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Справка Домены. Who can register. Anyone can register. In turn, you may charge your client whatever price you wish.

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Yes, due to the amount of the charge, we will accept checks from Resellers; but there are a few We will bill you monthly. We do not take responsibility for your resold accounts. We bill Toggle navigation.

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