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But, you might be sitting on some unexpectedly valuable domains. Selling your domain is going to be a lengthy process, and you might not get any bids straight away.

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It depends upon the existing value of your domain and how well you market it. The process will differ from selling a websitehowever. Below we cover the process of discovering the value of your domain name and hopefully selling it for a nice sum.

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A lot of people end up overpricing their domains and wonder why they never have any interest. Spend time researching what other related domains have sold for. You can use the tool Namebio to determine what other similar domains have sold for. You can use them as a general indicator, but not as a true measure of value. If they can find your contact information in the WHOIS directorythey can contact you directly and offer to buy the domain name from you. You can update your contact information through your website host or read more about how to update your contact information on WHOIS.

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A lot of sellers just upload their URL and call it a day. However, you can maximize your chances of selling your domain by making it more attractive.

For example, does your domain have any existing traffic? Does the domain have considerable age?

How Internet Domain Names Are Taxed

Does your domain have any existing authority? By highlighting the current and potential value of the domain you can help to justify the price and make it more attractive to buyers. One way to safeguarding the selling of your domain is to use an escrow service. This will help you avoid being scammed or tricked by a potential buyer. Some selling platforms like Sedo have a built-in escrow process for every transaction done through the site.

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There is more to starting a business than simply beginning operations. One of the most critical decisions you will make as a business owner is the type of business you establish. For tax purposes, businesses fall broadly into one of four major categories:. A sole proprietorship is relatively informal, but forming a partnership or a corporation generally requires planning and filing paperwork.

The tax effects can include:. Different business entities carry with them different reporting requirements, licensing and documentation needs. Forming and operating an entity can create additional overhead, which may make it inappropriate for a low-activity enterprise. Additionally, the type of entity you select will directly impact how adverse outcomes, such as lawsuits or claims for damages, will affect your personal assets….

This Domain Name Tax Guide is intended to be purchased and used by industry newbies and veterans alike. The domain space has always been extremely complicated in terms of accounting and ultimately tax filing. If you ask 10 people you get 10 different answers. The DNTaxGuide lays it all out and explains in detail, very clearly, how to handle your accounting and tax treatment of your domain name business or hobby. The rest is up to you. It was extremely useful and helpful in preparing my tax returns.

He also holds a Master of Business Administration from St. Bonaventure University. Get It Now! Learn More. Purchase Learn More.

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Income Streams Overview of domain names, income streams and definitions of critical terms and concepts in an easy-to-understand format. Legal Entities Discussion of entity options with pros and cons, how tax laws affect income, special entity classification rules, and self-employment.

Classify Income Dealer rules, capital gain, ordinary income, cash vs accrual accounting, depreciation, amortization, charitable contributions. It is not necessary that a copy of the product be physically transferred to the purchaser. So long as the purchaser may access the product, it will be considered to have been electronically transferred to the purchaser. Therefore, internet domain name registration services are generally a taxable service in Washington.

How To Sell A Domain Name

Sales tax is complicated, particularly whenever digital goods and services are involved. An automated solution helps simplify it. Learn more. Taxable via photopin license.