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The global group specializes in machinery, plants, as well as process technology and components. They now own the Belgium ccTLD of their domain. The company started by offering lead generation websites for real estate investors, but Mauch had a bigger vision for more verticals.

It should be a customer carrot. It should be something that you dangle in front of them and it attracts them. They bite it. Over time, he grew tired of explaining his email address to customers.

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Then a big gut check happened at a conference the company sponsored. We absolutely love OnCarrot. Even though the only branding the company had that said OnCarrot was its domain name, customers were referring to the company as OnCarrot instead of Carrot. There was a big brand conflict. He researched the owner of the domain and found it was artist Michael Kupka.

A bit later, to his shock, Mauch discovered that a venture-backed company in California managed to buy the domain. He figured his chance to acquire the domain was over. In the ups and downs of his multi-year attempt to get the domain, this down was very short.

15 end user domain name sales up to $70K

The California business failed quickly and Mauch tried to buy the domain from them. It turns out they had a payment plan with Kupka. Last year the domain name expired and went up for auction on GoDaddy Auctions.

Mauch was back in the game…only to have the auction canceled before it ended. It turns out that the artist Michael Kupka had passed away from cancer. When the domain name is ripe," he writes on his blog.

The top 25 most expensive domain names

When the right buyer comes along. Back inPaley Media, a consulting firm that owns a bunch of different country-specific domains, sold the URL to a "mystery buyer. The deal was actually completed in December but wasn't made public until early The domain site Afternic.

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After the sale, the site redirected to StubHub. Minnesota's Associated Computers Inc. ESS had been trying to buy the domain for a long time.

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The next-highest domain name to go at that auction was Boardgames. Travelzoo spent big bucks on Fly. The site now operates similarly to the flight-finding service Kayak.

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It was a big for a man named Page Howe. He sold two domains that year, each for seven figures. Besides Seniors. The domain was purchased by Chinese gamemaker 37Wan. In OctoberComputer. It was bought by a Chinese company because the number signifies "information" and can be used to call in restaurant and hotel reservations, according to DN Journal similar to in the US.

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It was purchased by Gamewave Group Limited. It was the largest domain sale of the year. Moniker brokered a deal to sell social. But don't expect any sort of fun chat site: Salesforce bought the URL and it now directs to one of the company's advertising pages. ClickSuccess L. It was the biggest domain-only sale in years.

German commerce company Unister GmbH bought Shopping. They wanted to create easy access to sugary sweets online, so they made a big bet on the simple domain.