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The main criteria include datacenter reliability, perfect connectivity, reliable hardware vendors, unmetered traffic and, as a must, IPMI access.

The more uplink connections a datacenter has, the more fault-tolerant it is.

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Also, in case of many uplinks, traffic can use a more optimal routes instead of default ones. Using a virtual console, you can watch the whole server boot process, fix broken boot sequence or even reinstall the operating system using ISO image from your computer.

That depends on the location of the most of your users. The smaller the delays between user and server are, the better user experience with your service is. We offer dedicated servers with the cheapest prices, so in general, discounts are already included with the server.

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But, you can save even more! Order a server for a longer period and get an additional discount. Choose an appropriate location and server configuration and place an order. In case you have any doubts - feel free to contact uswe are always here to help you to find the very best solution for your project.

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Register Login. Dedicated servers Power and speed for your project Choose your server. Dedicated server locations Germany. Servers in Germany. Servers in France.

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Servers in Poland. United states. Servers in USA. Hong Kong. Servers in Hong Kong. Routers for rent.

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Data protection All your personal sensitive information is protected by European legislation. Server software Purchase server from us and we will install all required server software for you. Great connection speed Direct connection to major traffic exchange points in Europe. Quality hardware We are testing every server before giving it for rent.

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Technical support Our company offers a comprehensive service of technical support to its dedicated server clients. Additional services Configure the server according to your needs!

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