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Monitoring and management for services, containers, applications, and infrastructure.

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Ready-to-go development stacks, solutions, and services to accelerate development. Empower your developers with GKE serverless add-on powered by Knative that extends Kubernetes with all the benefits of serverless.

Expose your services, easily and securely, as APIs to your employees, customers, and partners with Apigee, a full-cycle API management platform. Continuously build, test, and deploy with Cloud Build. Get complete control over defining custom workflows. Anthos is an integrated platform that lets you modernize how you develop, secure, and operate hybrid cloud and cloud-native environments.

Hosting providers

Anthos is built on open-source technologies pioneered by Google, including Kubernetes, Istio, and Knative, enabling consistency between cloud and on-premises environments.

Anthos puts all your IT resources into a consistent development, management, and control framework, automating away low-value and insecure tasks across your on-premises and Google Cloud infrastructure.

Within the context of GCP, the term hybrid cloud describes a setup in which common or interconnected services are deployed across multiple computing environments, one based in the public cloud, and at least one being on-premises.

A hybrid cloud strategy lets you extend the capacity and capabilities of your IT, without up-front capital expense investments by using the public cloud, as well as preserve your existing investments by adding one or more cloud deployments to your existing infrastructure.

Anthos is designed to help you modernize your infrastructure and applications. Whether you are looking to migrate from your on-premises data center to the cloud in the longer term, or implement a hybrid strategy today, Anthos meets you where you are and helps you realize your infrastructure modernization goals. Anthos provides you with a consistent platform for building and managing applications across hybrid infrastructures and helps your developers become more productive across all environments.

Anthos provides all the mechanisms required to bring your code into production reliably, securely, and consistently, with minimal risk. Containers and microservices provide a great path to well-managed enterprise applications. Please reach out to your Google Cloud account team to set up a more detailed discussion.

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You can learn more about Anthos pricing here. Please reach out to your Google Cloud account team to get access to the product. Once registered, you will be able to manage your GKE On-Prem clusters just like any existing GKE cluster, as well as incorporate your services as a part of a service mesh to get observability and enforce encryption using Istio.

Anthos has multiple components. Istio is a service mesh is designed to work with distributed applications running in cloud-native and hybrid environments.

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Istio is designed to work with both VMs and containers and simplifies IT and security operations by decoupling development from operations. Among other things, Istio offers:. Google Cloud has simplified the process of deploying and managing the Istio lifecycle through our offering, Istio on GKE. This lets you deploy Istio to your Kubernetes clusters with the click of a button. Istio on GKE works with both new and existing container deployments. It lets you incrementally roll out features, such as Istio security, bringing the benefits of Istio to your existing deployments.

It also simplifies Istio lifecycle management by automatically upgrading your Istio deployments when newer versions become available. Microservices provide a simple, compelling way for organizations to accelerate moving workloads to the cloud, serving as a path towards a larger cloud strategy. Istio enables service discovery, connection, and management for microservices.

But as soon as those services are needed for internal groups, partners, or developers outside of the enterprise, they quickly cross the line and become APIs. Apigee Edge features include API usage, access, productization, catalog, and discovery, plus a developer portal to create a smooth experience for developers and increase API consumption.

More than simply making it easier to migrate workloads to the cloud, Anthos improves service operations by providing administrators with a service-centric view of their infrastructure, rather than infrastructure views of services.

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Stackdriver Service Monitoring works with Istio services and includes the following views:. Anthos Config Management gives Anthos admins a single pane of glass for defining and enforcing policies in clusters both on-premises and in the cloud.

With a config-as-code model, admins can manage RBAC, resource quotas, and namespaces across a hybrid environment. These are full applications not just container images that will run on Anthos and offer consolidated billing through GCP, no matter where they are deployed. Anthos includes cloud-based managed services as well as managed software which runs within your data center.

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Google maintains all of the software components with the latest Kubernetes and Istio releases, up-to-date security patches, and best practice configurations, including maintaining the base operating system images. Transform your IT and build apps for today and the future Anthos formerly Cloud Services Platform lets you build and manage modern hybrid applications across environments. Modernize in place Modernize your applications on-premises or in the cloud.

Automate policy and security at scale With a service-centric view of your infrastructure, you will spend less time managing your applications and get greater awareness, consistency, and control.

Consistent experience Future-proof your investments by building on top of the platform that is designed to run where you need it to, on-premises or in the cloud, with a consistent view and controls across your environments.

Our partners These partners have created innovative solutions that leverage industry-leading open source technologies from Google.

Platform Partners These partners have committed to delivering Anthos on their branded hardware. Service Partners Our SI partners can work with you to modernize your applications and help you incorporate Anthos into your preferred cloud environment.

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Google Kubernetes Engine Eliminate the need to install, manage, and operate your own Kubernetes clusters in the cloud. Istio on GKE Enhance your application observability, security, and control with Istio-powered service mesh with single-click deployment from Google Cloud Console.

Anthos Config Management Automate policy and security at scale for your hybrid Kubernetes deployments. Platform services. Stackdriver Monitoring and management for services, containers, applications, and infrastructure.

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