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Take a look at recent sales and see what types of domains are being purchased and for what amount.

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Keep your domain in mind and see how it compares to the listed sales. Pay close attention to length, similar keywords, and other related factors to narrow down a range that your domain would likely fit within.

A domain appraisal service will allow you to enter your domain name and see what they suggest your asking price should be. Appraisals like these are determined automatically based on SEO-related factors like keywords, the number of searches, Alexa rank, monthly searches and cost per click.

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Though these are important, there are also many important factors to consider that cannot be calculated by algorithms. Since estimates can vary from service to service, get estimates from several different sources. Though we offer over great domain extensions to end your domain name with, most people have their hearts set on. In many cases, a regional TLD like.

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Short domains are difficult to find, so the shorter your domain is, the higher its asking price can be. Does the domain sound good? Will people know how to spell it after hearing it? Is it easy to remember? They were all bidding to acquire this wonderful domain name and was ready to pay right away. So you can see how much people are ready to pay to get the right domain name. This is what makes domain flipping business highly profitable.

Although you may not always be able to sell domains for thousands of dollars, but you can always make high profits selling a domain name. However, success cannot be guaranteed. If there is any business online that can make someone a millionaire, domain flipping is one of the best ones.

How to Sell a Domain Name at The Highest Price?

I am sure you have now realized its potential. To sell a domain name at the highest possible price is certainly an art. But the above three reasons influence a successful sale the most. Please note that there may be many other factors that might help you sell. For step by step guidance in domain flipping business, I highly recommend you to see this. Then this article is certainly going to help you.

There are domains that have been sold for millions of dollars. Keep in mind that the true value of any domain is how much a buyer will pay for it.

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Many people, when they want to sell a domain name, immediately go to an appraisal site. There are a number of sites you can use to get an appraisal of your domain. We like to get an appraisal from several, so we can see if there is a lot of variation and this can give us an idea of what we might expect from selling a domain.

Some free appraisal sites include: These appraisals are just guesses, they are not a guarantee that a domain will sell for the price they list. Remember too, that it can be tempting to believe only the appraisal site that gives the highest value, but the reality is that if you can run an appraisal on your site domain, so can your potential buyers.

How to Properly Value a Domain Name

And they will want to spend the least amount of money they can. There are some rules of thumb about what makes a domain more valuable. Most people who are looking to buy a domain want to buy one that is already successful, and most people on the web define success on page views and customers.

Keep in mind that these are general guidelines and domain names can go for more or less than the ranges provided. For example, Jamie Siminoff, the founder of Ring. While these two examples might sound extreme, they are not.

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Short, one-word domain names can easily sell in the low seven figures. You can browse through the top domain name sales of all time here to see how different characteristics of domain names affect pricing: You can browse additional sales from and to get a feel for recent real-world fair market values of domain names.

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Start with a conversation by email or telephone with the current owner, like you would any other transaction, and tell them you read HowMuchIsADomainNameWorth. Plan to reach out again in six months. You might even let the owner know you will check in with them again in the future.

You never know until you inquire. If the owner is receptive to a conversation about selling their domain name, remember that everything in life is negotiable, including the price of a domain name, payment timeline and payment schedule.

The most common way to buy a domain name is outright with cash using an escrow service like Escrow. And like in physical real estate, you can hire a real estate professional to help you assess value 7contact the potential seller, negotiate without emotion, find a creative financing solution, and protect your funds during domain name transfer. Here are a few reputable domain name brokers to start your broker due diligence process, in alphabetical order by last name:. In conclusion, if you want to live in one of the most desirable cities in the world, you need to realize that you will pay a premium.

So it is with a desirable domain name.